What do you know about the activities of a state of emergency?

27-02-2017 г.
Currently competent and very careful to ensure the protection of the citizens of the important role of organized civil defense emergency. But, what do you know about the activities of a state of emergency?...
09-02-2017 г.

It held a meeting to discuss the message of the President of Kazakhstan

February 9 this year in the «palace of students» university...

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Ботагөз, Богдан, Қазбек14-05-2018, 18:15

Ботагөз, Богдан, Қазбек:

LouisToimb11-05-2018, 18:25

LouisToimb Доброго дня! Предлагаем рассмотреть

Самрат9-04-2018, 17:59

Самрат: Телефон номер ДЧС Кызылорды ?

Нұржау Айтен2-04-2018, 17:59

Нұржау Айтен Саламатсыздар ма! Мен сіздерде

Анар Есмуханова28-02-2018, 17:05

Анар Есмуханова Сəлеметсіздерме! Мен тікелей